IWILL PHOTO Award Winning Photos

In this gallery you will find some of IWILL PHOTO award winning photos that were judged by some of the top UK photographers in the Guild of Photographers Image of the Month competition. As well as receiving these 8 Bonze awards, I have achieved professional standard on another 8 images. To achieve a bonze takes a lot of hard work and learning what the judges are looking for. Thousand of images are entered but only a small percent will achieve a bronze or more.

When I am photographing for Client I put into practice what I have learnt from entering this competition into their images and will give 110% to achieve the images that you are looking for. To me every image need to be award winning and that what i give to my clients. For me nothing pleases me more than receiving feedback from my clients about there images and how they have fallen in love with the image, if the images is of their children or Parent. This also goes for corporate or commercial clients that need images that show off there business or event to the best, its very pleasing to receive feedback from them to say it shows of there business to the outside world.

If you would like to speak further about these image or to book a photoshoot for either you, your family, business headshots or events then please head on over to the contact page where you will find the different ways of contacting me.