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iWill Photo Logo White Background black textAs you can see iWill Photo Photography has got a new look website and its gradually coming together, their are still some pages, portfolio images and information to add but I am getting their.

Its been a very busy couple of months for me with lots of work coming in from the Kent and Sussex Courier, Sevenoaks Chronicle and Canterbury Times. Some of the highlights have been Maidstone United’s last game of the season where they won the league, the general election count in Canterbury, the Heathfield Show and just this weekend the Sevenoaks Festival.


Here are the photos from Maidstone United last game of the season where they won the Ryman Premier League. It was a fantastic day and a really privilege to be able to cover my local team and watch them win and get promotion.




Iwill Photo General Election results

Canterbury City council returning officer giving the results of the general election results.


During May the UK was having a General Election I was asked to cover my first count in Canterbury. It was great not just to be able to be part of local news but national news.  It was a very long night start at 11pm and finishing at 5.30am Friday morning.

Take look at both my galleries on the Canterbury Time website.

Canterbury Election count Gallery One
Canterbury Election Count Gallery Two

The Kangaroo Kid showing off some of his tricks at the Heathfield Show.

The Kangaroo Kid showing off some of his tricks at the Heathfield Show.


Also during May I covered the Heathfield Show. It was a great day with many opportunities of taking photos the highlight of the day was a stunt show by the Kangaroo kid. I took so many images the Kent and Susses Courier had to make two galleries on their website.

Heathfield Show Gallery One
Heath field Show Gallery Two



Just this weekend I covered the opening weekend of the Sevenoaks Festival. It was great to be able to see who many different performances and to meet the editor of the Sevenoaks Chronicle who was on the stand for the day.




So thats its been a busy couple of months and I’m looking forward to the next six month as we head into the second half of the year.


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